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Zollies Jazz Cucina


Zollie’s Jazz Cucina, an exceptional culinary destination that encapsulates the rich and vibrant tapestry of Afrocentric, West Indian, and Southern cuisines. Situated in a prime location in Old New Castle, Zollie’s Jazz Cucina offers a captivating culinary experience that marries flavors, cultures, and traditions into an unforgettable journey for the senses.

At Zollie’s Jazz Cucina, the essence of Afrocentric heritage is woven seamlessly into each dish. The culinary artisans celebrate the roots and rhythms of Africa, infusing them into their creations. The tantalizing aromas and bold spices evoke a sense of connection to a diverse history, inviting guests to embark on a gastronomic exploration that pays homage to the past while embracing the present.

Drawing inspiration from the vibrant and diverse West Indian culture, Zollie’s Jazz Cucina presents a tantalizing fusion of flavors that transport diners to the sun-soaked Caribbean shores. The menu is a harmonious blend of savory and sweet, offering a symphony of tastes that reflect the lively and joyful spirit of the West Indies.

Furthermore, Zollie’s Jazz Cucina redefines Southern cuisine by infusing it with innovative twists and a touch of nostalgia. The soulful dishes are reminiscent of traditional Southern comfort food, elevated with a contemporary flair. Each bite tells a story of heritage and hospitality, inviting patrons to savor the warmth and camaraderie that Southern cooking is renowned for. With a commitment to authenticity and a dedication to culinary excellence, Zollie’s Jazz Cucina welcomes you to a world where Afrocentric, West Indian, and Southern cuisines converge in a symphony of flavors.

Executive Chef

Marc-Antony Williams

A native of Coastal North Carolina and has lived in Delaware for the past 15 years. Chef has also spent time in Florida, The Caribbean and The Yucatan.
Operations Manager

Suzette “Q” Singh

From Brooklyn, NY, by way of her native country Guyana, South America. Q, as she is known to her friends and customers, gives Zollies the welcoming personal, warm and genuine atmosphere that the customers love. Q’s native Indian food culture is also woven into Zollies Cuisine.