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"Shaw Alley" – Your Ideal Spot for Intimate Gatherings

Shaw Alley

Introducing “Shaw Alley”: Your Ideal Spot for Intimate Gatherings

Welcome to Shaw Alley, a charming and versatile event space designed for those special, intimate gatherings. With a cozy capacity for up to 70 guests, it’s the perfect venue for creating memorable experiences.

Shaw Alley boasts multiple TV screens, catering to a variety of entertainment needs, whether it’s showcasing presentations, playing your favorite sports games, or displaying personalized messages and videos for your event. The space also features a dedicated area perfectly suited for a live music setup, ideal for a 3-piece band to add that extra touch of ambiance to your gathering.

Our venue is tailor-made for a range of events. Picture your after-work get-togethers, where colleagues unwind and connect. Envision celebrating anniversaries in a setting that’s both intimate and elegant. Imagine hosting wine tastings where each sip is accompanied by great conversations and a relaxed atmosphere. And for cigar aficionados, Shaw Alley offers a comfortable and stylish space for your cigar sessions.

But that’s not all—Shaw Alley is a canvas for your imagination, ready to host a variety of events, including small corporate meetings, birthday celebrations, and much more. Whatever the occasion, Shaw Alley provides a unique and personal experience for you and your guests.

Come discover the charm of Shaw Alley, where small gatherings turn into unforgettable moments.

Coming soon (Spring 2025)